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List of modified servers

Post by DeathStar » Thu Dec 07, 2017 9:33 am

- ZOMBIE OUTBREAK: zombies spawn periodically and you kill them with a machinegun. you get ammo and health for standing next to a mate, but only for the first 10 seconds of the match. Once you get killed by a zombie, you become one.

- va|VoxelArmy (Hulk): one person is randomly chosen at the start of each match to be the hulk, a person who gets extra health and ammo. Their goal is to either complete the map objective, or stay alive for 10 minutes.

- Racing Xtreme: this is Cube 2: Sauerbraten racing, but with logged statistics on their website. It also has a cool server bot that will talk to you, a lot of commands, and a developer that created multiplayer moving platforms!

- [ACCURACY WARS]: each person that maintains an accuracy of 30% or above gets an additional amount of health when others die. This rewards people with good accuracy. If you are accurate, and good at sniping, you will stay alive longer.

- Racing Reloaded: this is Cube 2: Sauerbraten racing, with a lot of user submitted maps.

- va|VoxelArmy (New Maps): this server automatically sends brand new maps to clients for them to play insta on.

- Trouble in Sauer Town: this server automatically picks a "traitor" at the beginning of each round. The traitor's goal is to kill everyone secretly. If the traitor is killed, the person who killed him wins. If the traitor kills everyone, he wins.

- Rigatoni Rugby, formerly Pastaland: this server mod, originally created by pisto, was forked by gustavolapasta. It allows mysql stats for clients, precise geoip lookup from the new maxmind geolite 2 DB, and pass-the-flag, which is a feature of spaghettimod that was also added to QServ. This server also has ip address range banning for proxies.

- Venice Revolutions: this server continually rotates on the map Venice. Check in on Christmas and it will be snowing. Other holidays have other events as well. The host of Venice is also the creator of zeromod.

If I forgot any servers, please comment below!

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