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Custom textures

Post by DeathStar » Tue Oct 25, 2016 3:16 am

Create a folder for your textures with a name you will remember (ex. my_textures).

Navigate to the Sauerbraten app icon, right click it, and select "show package contents."

Open the folder gamedata, and then the sub-folder packages. Drag the folder you just created into here. Open your new folder and copy/drag in all your texture image files (texture, normal map, bump map, specular map).

Back out into the package directory again. Open the folder with the name "base."

You will need to create a configuration text file that loads your texture and place it here. Open one of the .cfg files for a reference.

Here is an example of how to load textures into your map. Make sure to name the .cfg file with the name of your map. They must be the same for the map to load your textures.

(my_textures is being used below as the example folder)

texture 0 my_textures/texture.png //this is the base texture image
texture n my_textures/texture_normal.png //this is the normal map
texture s my_textures/texture_specular.png //this is the specular map
texture z my_textures/texture_bump.png //this is the bump map

If you ever save your map with a new name, you will have to rename your .cfg file to the new name of the map in order for your textures to appear in-game.

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