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    Ethernet Unmanaged Switches allow users to "create more ethernet ports" for their router or modem to plug into. The only problem behind these devices is that they can cause your entire internet connection to go offline intermittently every 5 hours to a day or so. This is most likely because you are using a lot of bandwidth (for servers, TV, streaming, computers, mobile devices gaming, security cameras, home automation, etc) and also using more ethernet devices than the router is capable of handling. Fixing your internet may be as simple as investing in a more expensive brand of switch or not using one.

    Just because you have a netgear router and a netgear switch...

    It doesn't mean it will magically work for you just because they are the same brand. It depends on the amount of devices your router modem and capped bandwidth are capable of handling.

    Why do switches cause disconnects?

    Most routers can easily have 10+ channels and wirelessly handle many devices. It is not the same with an ethernet connection. Since the bandwidth of a wired connection is always much higher, it requires more data to be transfered. The router and the modem both have processors to handle all the data. Now if your router is designed to connect to a maximum of 20 devices and you have 6 ports plugged in and used, a switch with 2 more connections and about 15 wireless devices pushes you over the limit. The capability of your router and modem depend on how many mbps or megabytes per second that they can transfer.

    So why don't these companies tell you that?
    Essentially they want to make money so telling their customers useful information is out of the question.
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  • This actually sounds like a fantastic idea to me. This way, it will be able to manage multiple devices, though there is a downside to this. But if you are able to overcome this issue, I think this is the best switching option we have got.
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  • Hello George,

    Looking for the scheme of the difference points between Unmanaged and Managed Switches? Have you tried the Cisco Catalyst Express series? There's a feature to diagnose problems as well. In my experience, I did have several projects which were actually centered over the LAN traffic issue.

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  • Your internet still disconnects randomly? When you are to use your techmaster program as often as possible, it is extremely a matter of incredible dissatisfaction. Besides, if the issue isn't settled and permitted to proceed with it can likewise prompt framework blunders and at last outcome in windows running moderate and notwithstanding crashing.
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